Photo of Venus taken on 29th June 2023.

Venus 29th June 2023

My first attempt at imaging Venus. I’m pretty happy with the result, considering that Venus was quite low in altitude. I think the focus may have been slightly off as I tried to focus on the planet directly, next time I will focus on a star and then slew to the target.


  • Skies: Bortle 8
  • Seeing: poor
  • Video: 15 minutes continuous


  • Skywatcher 10 inch GoTo Dobsonian
  • ZWO ASI 224 MC
  • ZWO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector
  • Televue Powermate 5x
  • Baader Neodymium Moon & Skyglow filter


  1. Planetary Imaging PreProcessor: image centering, cropping, frame rejection
  2. AstroSurface: stacked best 30% of frames
  3. Registax: wavelets sharpening
  4. Photoshop: crop, levels

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